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Is Anonymity an Illusion?

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we talk about what it means to be anonymous, and discuss whether or not it is an illusion.



Phones as Proof of Identity
Browsers to Use for Anonymity
What is a Right?

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Looking back: The Edge of Innovation – A Discussion on Cryptocurrency

This episode of “The Edge of Innovation” is about Cryptocurrency. The Edge of Innovation is produced in partnership with SaviorLabs.


Show Notes

A New Alternative to Bitcoin



Intro to Cryptocurrency
Cryptographic Math
Bitcoin and Banks
Arbitrage Opportunities

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1984 in 2017? The Implications of Our Data-Tracking Technology

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we talk about privacy.


Hackers and lawyers can discover pretty much anything about you. So what is privacy?

Paul mentions how someone was unable to obtain life insurance due to having prescribed to a medication that was allegedly not public information. But if something is in a database somewhere, it is out of your hands. Unintended consequences may come to pass. The more you know about these things the better.

A man with a pacemaker was judged guilty due to the correlation of his pacemaker with a crime. This was “private” information.

Things are only “private” when they don’t matter.

Innovation and Education

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we revisit entrepreneurship for this generation.

Barrier to Century – why so many Websites are stuck in the 1900s

Today on the Edge of Innovation, we’re talking about websites and what stops people from updating them.

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